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A hummingbird weighs 2. 1 gram The weight of a sparrow is more than 50 times the weight of a hummingbird………..

A hummingbird weighs 2. 1 gram, a sparrow weighs more than 50 times the weight of a hummingbird, and a sparrow weighs 106 grams. Calculation: 2. 1 gram × 50 times 1 = 106 grams.

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Hummingbirds are very small. Among them, the red hummingbird and the bee-sucking bird weigh less than 2 grams, and the largest giant hummingbird weighs 19-21 grams; most of the rest hummingbirds weigh 2.5-6. 5 grams, and the body length is between 6-12 cm.

Sparrows are also small birds. Generally, the body length is 15 cm and the weight is about 100 grams.

Excuse me: What is the height, body length, weight, speed and lifespan of a sparrow?

The general body length of a sparrow is about 14cm, the weight is 30-50 grams, the flying speed does not exceed 8~ 10m per second, the height is generally 10~ 20m, and the flight cannot last up to 4 minutes.

The lifespan of a sparrow is very long, usually 10-12 years.

The lightest bird in the world is a hummingbird. The weight of a sparrow is 81 grams, which is more than that of a hummingbird…

Solution: Let the weight of a hummingbird be X50 * X 1 = 81X = 1. 6 So the weight of a hummingbird is 1. 6G

Does the non-stop eating of domestic pigeons or sparrows increase the weight of the body and affect the flight?

A: It will increase the weight at that time, but it will not affect the flight

The scientific name is the white-rumped vermilion-crowned finch, with a clean and white body, dark-necked eyes, agile and skillful, with lofty aspirations and straight to the sky. The scientific name of the Suzaku is the vermilion-crowned finch. Among wild birds, it belongs to the silliest bird in Beijing, commonly known as the vermilion-crowned or vermilion-crowned, and some people call it the vermilion-crowned finch, also known as the Suzaku. It breeds in the northeastern region of China, and moves south to the provinces of Jiangnan in China for the winter in autumn and winter. The adult bird is about 100 mm long. The upper body is gray-brown with dark brown spots; the abdomen is light gray, and the wings and tail feathers are dark brown; the top of the head has large vermilion spots, hence the name of the vermilion-crowned finch. The male bird’s chest is slightly pink.

How much rice do sparrows eat at one time?

is a very interesting question. Sparrows are small birds, and they need to consume a moderate amount of food every day to maintain normal life activities. However, due to their small size, sparrows do not eat much rice at one time.

According to studies, a sparrow needs to consume about 5% to% of its body weight as food every day. The weight of a sparrow is usually around 2 grams, so a sparrow needs to consume about 2 grams of food a day. The density of rice is about. 6 g/ml, the amount of rice that each sparrow eats at a time is about 1.7 ml to 3.3 ml.

Of course, this is only a rough estimate. In reality, the food intake of sparrows is affected by various factors, such as environmental conditions, seasonal changes, and differences between individual birds. Overall, sparrows don’t eat a lot of rice at a time, but they can meet their energy needs by eating a lot.

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