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A high-end skin care product used in the 1990s?

Sharsline vanilla cream. In the 1980s and 1990s, having a can of Sharsline vanilla cream at home was a worthy thing. The yellow glass bottle body with a silver aluminum cap, plus the product label and description in English, is very foreign.

50s skin care routine

What’s even more amazing is its texture and feel of use: the white vanilla cream has a clear and delicate texture, and it seems to melt and disappear immediately when applied to the face, and the skin tone will immediately become fair and translucent. If you have stolen it at that time, you must not easily forget it.

The hottest skin care product of the 6070s?

The old brands of cosmetics from the previous 6070s include Friendship Brand Moisturizer, Clam Oil, Wanzi Qianhong Emollient Grease

Mermaid, Appropriate, Phoenix Glycerin No. 1, Pien Tze Huang, Miqi, Palace Lantern, Xuefu Lai, Shanghai Chuangxin Mascara, Xie Fuchun, Meijiajing, An’an, Yu Meijing, Herborist Collection, Zhaogui, Prosperous Lanya, Ballet, Laiqi, Baique Ling, Bee Flower, Jiaxue, Longrich, Friendship, Xiafei, Pastoral Dance Veil, Yarton, Girls’ Spring, Kimberace, Montbala, Meikang, Dan Babi, Qilixiang, Qing Fei

1990s Skin Care Product leaderboard?

1. Palace Lantern Almond Honey

Palace Lantern is a 30-year-old brand. It is still very popular in our mother’s generation. Although the appearance is relatively simple, it always feels like a palace style. It contains active ingredients extracted from natural plant protein, rich in almond essence, and the taste is a more traditional fragrance. It is very moisturized on the skin and absorbs less quickly, so it is not suitable for oily skin. The ingredients are simple and the effect is also simple. It is mainly skin care and emollient to avoid dry and dehydrated skin. It can also be used as a body lotion!

2. Sulfur milk shampoo

I believe that many little fairies have seen this shampoo when they were young, but now few people use it regularly. When checking the health of the scalp, the doctor may recommend trying it. It has a very unique smell, but it doesn’t smell bad at all. Dissolve it with water and then apply it to the scalp. Massage it in circles according to the normal hair washing sequence, and then rinse it off. It mainly solves serious oily hair, inhibits oil secretion, and also has a certain effect on itchy scalp and dandruff. You can use it for conditioning and assistance for a period of time when caring for your hair, but you can’t use it often!

3. Friendship hand cream

This friendship hand cream is also a veritable old domestic product. It looks very dated when you look at the shell packaging. It is packed in a very small aluminum can, and it is relatively heavy white paste. It feels a little heavy when you first apply it, but it absorbs well after applying it, and it will not feel greasy. Looking at the paste, you will know that it has a very high moisturizing degree. Use it as a hand cream in winter, it will not be red, swollen, dry and cracked, and it has a good healing and repair effect on frostbite. The same brand of friendship snow cream should have been used by mothers of all generations.

4. Kong Fengchun White Jade Cream

Among the many old domestic skin care product brands that have risen again, Kong Fengchun is relatively inconspicuous, and this white jade cream is rarely mentioned, but it is a popular cosmetic for mothers. Its texture is a transparent white cream that absorbs quickly on the face, is completely non-greasy, and is very refreshing and comfortable even in summer. White jade cream has no particularly miraculous effect, it simply hydrates and moisturizes, delicates the skin, is very gentle and does not irritate the skin.

5. Wanzi Qianhong Emollient Grease

It’s hard to forget the name Wanzi Qianhong alone, and the colorful packaging doesn’t make people feel tacky at all. When I was a child, my grandmother used it to wipe her face and hands. Its texture is the same as Friendship Emollient Grease. It is a relatively thick paste, which is similar to the texture of lamer cream. After applying, it is very moisturizing, and the fragrant taste is relatively strong, but it is not pungent at all. Now everyone doesn’t use it to wipe their faces. It is very suitable as a hand cream or to apply to their feet, and the cost performance is very high!

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