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A good plan for college exercise?

Height 179CM, weight 79KG, standard weight, college students are the best time to grow.

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If you really want to exercise your body a little better, and exercise a tall, strong, capable, shapely, chic, and personable figure and physique, according to my personal success experience, I suggest you modify your exercise method and take the following overall strengthening exercise methods to exercise as well:

The first is to develop the habit of getting up 40 to 60 minutes earlier in the morning;

The second is to get up in the morning, go out and run first, and run your body to a slight heat, as a necessary preparation before exercising every morning;

The third is to do radio gymnastics, or learn simple martial arts routines or some basic movements of martial arts practice. Note: Beginner training In martial arts, you don’t need to look like a god first, but you must pursue a look like one. In order to ensure that your actions are in line with the martial arts practitioner’s shot;

Fourth, when exercising every morning, after taking a deep breath, try your best to scream at the sky with one breath (can exercise and improve your lung capacity, confidence and voice).

Do more exercises every day to jump in place, jump in place to touch the height, run-up to jump, and run-up to jump to touch the height (which can effectively promote the growth of your body, the strength and beauty of the muscles in various parts, and at the same time can improve the bouncing power, explosive power, endurance, running speed and starting speed), and perform more horizontal bars and parallel bars exercises (to meet and exceed the high school physical exercise standards);

Fifth, prepare a cup of green tea water before going to bed every day. The first thing after getting up in the morning is to add some hot water to the cold green tea water, and drink it on an empty stomach (one is to dilute the blood viscosity in the body due to sleep;

The second is to help the body not to have blood supply and oxygen shortage when exercising Bad state;

Third, it has the effect of cleaning the garbage in the body, improving the digestive function of the body, which is conducive to long meat, especially long tendon meat;

Fourth, it can eliminate the various physical discomfort states that can occur when exercising when getting up in the morning;

Fifth, drinking green tea water on an empty stomach in the morning has the medical effect of eliminating fat meat (fat meat). After getting up in the morning on an empty stomach, you must drink more than 400ml every time;

Sixth, you must eat a full meal every morning, and you must also eat well and full at noon. Chicken, duck, fish, and meat can be eaten casually. However, for dinner:

First, it is best to eat some pasta (steamed buns, bread, noodles, biscuits, snacks, etc.);

Second, it is best to eat less chicken, duck, fish, and meat;

Third, just eat well and don’t eat too much. Because these three items of dinner are the most favorable conditions for growing meat, you must control and grasp them well, so as not to form the main reason for excessive intake and cause maximum fat meat (fat meat) and no tendon meat (lean meat);

Seven is two hours after dinner, you can go out for a walk, do push-ups, hanging horizontal bars, parallel bars or do handstands, push-ups, sit-ups in the dormitory, exercise until the body heats up, and then increase the amount of exercise after the body adapts. Remember! Remember!

Eight is to go to Xinhua Bookstore, buy or download some books on body protection and protection for exercise and martial arts practice online, as well as technical essentials, precautions, and simple routines of martial arts to study well, and then carry out specific exercise and implementation. The above items are important in perseverance.

Only you can persevere for a long time and develop such habits of life.

Especially if you can exercise strictly in accordance with Articles 4, 5, and 6, I am sure: you will see results in two or three months.

If you can persevere for a long time, in less than three or five years, you will definitely train yourself to become: tall, capable, handsome, temperamental, personable, Yushu Linfeng, every move reveals the general’s demeanor, so that beautiful women and handsome guys like to pursue the situation around you, isn’t it better? I wish you success!

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