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A famous player in Inner Mongolia mma?

A famous player in Inner Mongolia mma is Aozhige

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Aozhige is a rising star in the Chinese MMA world. In his first MMA match, he defeated his opponent by only 7 seconds.

In the “ROADFC (Luther) International Mixed Martial Arts Competition 30” on April 16, 2016, against the giant Cui Hongwan of 2 meters 17, although he was finally defeated by Cui Hongwan’s powerful left hook KO, but this match fully showed Aozhige’s potential, thus proving that he is the hope of the Chinese heavyweight.

In Luther FC 44, Aozhige made the finale appearance against Japanese veteran Kazuki Fujita, who has 20 years of competition experience. Aozhige launched a fierce attack at the beginning, and

Kung Fu Panda Aozhige?

Aozhige, nicknamed “Kung Fu Panda”, comes from our vast Mongolian grassland, and has an innate wrestling talent. Of course, fighting is no problem.

He has 5 years of Sanda and 3 years of MMA training. He has a super attack ability at an amazing weight. He is on a rampage like a tank in the ring, and soon they meet in the ring of Luther FC.

This is a matchup without weight limit. The two of them weigh up to 300 kilograms, and they are both undisputed super big guys in the fighting arena.

At the beginning of the game, the two did not test, and stood up directly to change their punches. American Bob Sapp used his huge size to rush towards Aozhige like a tank, while Aozhige punched his legs and attacked from multiple angles. During the boxing, Bob Sapp accidentally fell to the ground, lying on the ground and holding his head, Aozhige was bloodless, and the first round was staged again. The KO time was 39 seconds!

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