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A complete set of steps for facial care in beauty salons?

Step 1: Check the skin characteristics.

skin care routine for acne and dark spots

The first step in facial care is to grasp the skin characteristics of consumers. Generally speaking, the skin is divided into oil-soluble, dry, sensitive, mixed and neutral. When we understand the skin condition of consumers, we can choose care products more purposefully, and then achieve the best practical effect of cosmetic skin care. So we can choose skin-specific pregnancy test strips for testing first, and tailor the facial care plan for consumers.

Step 2: Facial Cleansing

After the consumer’s skin is accurately positioned, choose the appropriate beauty and skin care products for their skin condition. First clean the consumer’s face with a facial cleanser, then use a sponge to circle their face until foam appears in the facial cleanser, and finally wash with cold water. Cleansing with a cleansing milk will only wash off the dust on the face. If you want to clean up the waste from the skin, you must use a facial exfoliation to clean the pores and skin. So, how to exfoliate? You need to wipe the cuticle cream on the face first, and then use a technical professional facial exfoliation device to clean it from the forehead position down. Doing this can remove the deposition of sebaceous glands, prevent acne and dark spots on the face, and also allow skin care products to achieve the actual effect of stronger digestion and absorption.

Step 3: Hydration.

There is still a certain difference between washing your face at home and rubbing skin care products in a beauty salon. The technical skills of a beauty instructor can make the skin completely clean and fully moisturized, and the actual effect is far better than what he has done. Not only must you have technical expertise, but also perform skin stimulation according to the beauty equipment with technical expertise, so that the skin can digest and absorb beauty skin care products more strongly, improve dark yellow and less water, and achieve a moist luster.

Step 4: Massage the face.

After the skin is hydrated, it needs to be massaged, lifted, and tightened on the face to promote the blood circulation system of the skin. It can play an excellent role in avoiding recession, and can also promote the actual effect of digestion and absorption of beauty skin care products.

Step 5: Lock in water.

After all the skin care work is done, the patient’s face needs to be hydrated and moisturized for the second time. First spray the sprayer on the face to open the pores of the skin, then rub the skin care product on the face to digest and absorb, and finally complete the basic facial treatment process.

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