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A book known as the Blue Bible?

“Pharmacological Basis of Goodman Gilman Therapeutics” – This book enjoys a high reputation as the “Blue Bible”.

hill s metabolic weight management

The original English version of this book was invited by McGraw-Hill Company in the United States to invite internationally renowned pharmacologists Joel G. Hardman and LeeE. Editor-in-chief of Limbird, and more than 90 senior professors from dozens of famous American medical schools and pharmacy schools such as Harvard and Hopkins participated in the preparation. Since its first publication in 1941, it has undergone nine revisions and enjoys a high reputation internationally. The Chinese version was translated by Professor Jin Youyu, a famous pharmacologist in China, and the translators came from major domestic medical schools.

The book is divided into 16 chapters with a total of 68 chapters, respectively, pharmacological research and treatment principles, neurotransmitters and drugs that act on receptors, drugs that act on the central nervous system, anti-inflammatory drugs, cardiovascular nephropathy drugs, drugs for gastrointestinal diseases, antiparasitic drugs, antibiotics, microvitamins, anti-tumor drugs, drugs that regulate immune function, and the chemical structure, pharmacological mechanism, biological metabolism, pharmacokinetics of commonly used dosage forms, therapeutic effects, indications and contraindications, toxic and side effects are comprehensively and systematically summarized, and the current status and latest theories of pharmacological research are introduced in detail. Each chapter also looks forward to the future of pharmacological research Special chapters introduce the current status of genetic research and toxicology research

What are the cat foods with more than 40% crude protein?

There are currently some cat food brands with crude protein content above 40% on the market, including but not limited to Hills, RoyalCanin, Acana, Orijen, etc. Because cats are carnivores, they need high-quality protein to maintain good health, and their digestive tract is also more suitable for digesting animal-derived protein. And high content of crude protein can also help cats maintain muscle, metabolic and immune system health. However, it should be noted that simply observing the crude protein content cannot completely determine the quality of a cat food. Other factors such as ingredients and nutritional balance need to be considered comprehensively. In addition, do not give cats too much high-protein cat food, otherwise it will cause a burden on the kidneys and lead to health problems. It is best to control the cat’s protein intake in the diet.

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