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A 50-word review of a weight electronic scale?

The answer is as follows: The thing is really good and easy to use. It feels good in the hand, the quality and workmanship are good, and it is genuine, so I bought this scale. The style is very beautiful. I have to weigh it every morning and evening. It is very accurate, the quality is very good, and it can be charged. I am really happy to buy such a good scale. After-sales services are also very guaranteed. You can buy it with confidence and use it with confidence.

weight management service evaluation

Five-point evaluation of body length and weight?

If you evaluate body length and weight from the five-point method, you must first see whether it meets the standard height and weight ratio. The evaluation of body length and weight should take into account individual differences, but generally speaking, body length and weight should be able to maintain a relatively balanced state.

If the ratio of body length and weight meets the standard range, you can give an evaluation of more than four points; if the ratio of body length and weight deviates from the standard range, you may need to pay attention to whether it needs to be adjusted and improved, and then you will be given an evaluation of less than three points. In short, the evaluation of body length and weight needs to be based on individual circumstances to make a comprehensive evaluation, with the goal of maintaining a healthy physical condition.

What is the comment of a friend on the weight of Moments?

Weight is not a criterion for evaluating personal value, and a person should not be evaluated by weight. Showing one’s weight is not something to be proud of or proud of, nor should it arouse the attention and discussion of others. It should encourage a healthy and balanced diet lifestyle, rather than putting too much attention on a number.

Is Nanjing University Fitt a regular company?

It is a regular company.

Guangzhou Nanjing University Fitt Nutrition and Health Consulting Co., Ltd. was registered and established in the Administration for Industry and Commerce of Yuexiu District, Guangzhou on April 3, 2014.

Legal representative Yin Hui

Company business scope

Standard weight management and nutrition evaluation services, dedicated to health assessment, management, healthy diet and nutrition intervention consultation; Western medicine wholesale; pre-packaged food wholesale; II and III medical apparatus wholesale, etc.

What is the meaning of firefighter bmi?

It means the body mass index of firefighters.

Body mass index (BMI, BodyMassIndex) is an important standard used internationally to measure the degree of obesity and health, mainly for statistical analysis. The absolute value of weight cannot be used to evaluate the degree of fat resistance. Therefore, BMI accepts relatively objective parameters from both the aspects of weight and height, and uses the range of these parameters to measure weight.

Body mass index (BMI) is the square of weight/height (in international units of kg/), and the ideal BMI (18.5-23.9) is the square of weight (in units of kg). According to the standards of the World Health Organization, if the BMI (body mass index) in Asia is higher than 22.9, it is considered overweight. Asians and Europeans belong to different races. The standards of the World Health Organization are not very suitable for the situation of the Chinese people. This is the reason why China has developed reference standards.

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