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8 steps to use the compressed oxygen self-rescuer?

1. Thread the special belt into the belt ring of the self-rescuer and fix it on the right waist of the back.

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2. When using, turn the self-rescuer to the front of the abdomen and open the opening wrench on both sides.

3. Then put on the strap (neck belt) to open the upper cover and throw off the upper cover.

4. Unfold the airbag and remove the mouthpiece plug.

5. Put the mouthpiece between the lips and teeth. The teeth bite the tooth pad and close the lips tightly.

6. Open the gas cylinder switch knob counterclockwise.

7. Press the air pressure plate.

8. When the airbag bulges, quickly break the nose clip, clamp the nose wing with the nose clip pad, and adjust the length of the belt (neck belt) to move the neck freely. Adjust breathing and quickly evacuate the scene.

Can a cushion be placed at the bottom of the oxygen generator?

The oxygen generator is a type of machine for producing oxygen. Its principle is to use air separation technology. First, the air is compressed at a high density and reused to separate the gas and liquid at a certain temperature, and then further distilled.

It is used for oxygen therapy and oxygen health care for various people. Power consumption is low, the cost of an hour is only eighty cents, and the price is low.

Obviously, a cushion can be placed at the bottom of the oxygen generator.

How to use the chemical oxygen self-rescuer?


Move the self-rescuer to the right side of the front of the abdomen, hold the self-rescuer with one hand, lift the protective cover with the other hand to expose the opening wrench, start the opening wrench, pull off the seal, remove the outer upper shell and throw it away, pull the headband, take the self-rescuer out of the lower shell, throw away the lower shell, take off the hard hat, put the side with the mouth on the head, put the headband on the head, wear the hard hat, hold the self-rescuer with the left hand, turn the starting wrench starting device with the right thumb in the direction indicated by the arrow, start the oxygen generation, and the oxygen enters the airbag. Hold the breathing hose of the self-rescuer with one hand, pull out the outlet plug with the other hand, and quickly put the mouth into the mouth.


The mouth piece should be placed between the lips and teeth. The teeth are clenched on the tooth pads, and the lips should be closed. Pull the nose clip spring with both hands, clamp the nose clip on the nose, and breathe through the mouth.

How to use the Chenghe Mining Compressed Oxygen Self-Rescue Device?

1. How to use

1. Remove the protective cover.

2. Use your thumb to lift the red opening wrench.

3. Pull until the shell is sealed.

4. Hold the red opening wrench with your thumb and index finger and pull the sealing belt.

5. Remove the upper cover of the shell.

6. Hold the headband and pull the medicine jar out of the shell.

7. Pull the nose clip from the mouthpiece.

8. Put the mouthpiece into your mouth, bite the tooth pad, close your lips to the mouthpiece, and start breathing through your mouth immediately.

9. Pull the nose clip and clip it to your nose.

10. The initial wearing is completed, and the self-rescue device has provided curative protection.

11. Remove the miner’s cap and put the headband over your head.

12. Put on the miner’s cap and start evacuating the danger zone.

13. If the shell is broken and the filter can cannot be taken out, you can wear the filter can of the outer shell to breathe.

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