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72.5 kg body weight How much calorie do you need to consume in a day?

Your weight, age, gender, height, lifestyle, and daily activity intensity all affect the calorie you consume. Considering that your weight is 72.5 kg, the calorie you need to consume in a day is approximately between 1700 and 2200. If you want to lose weight, you need to reduce your intake of 1000 to 1500 calorie in your daily diet, while increasing the intensity and frequency of physical activity. However, to lose weight steadily and stay healthy, we recommend that you consume 1000 to 1300 calorie per day to suit your physical condition and health needs.

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How does a resting calorie count?

The answer is as follows: Resting calorie refers to the energy expended by the body in a quiet state. Generally speaking, the resting metabolic rate (RMR) is the calculation method of resting calorie. Here are some formulas for calculating the resting metabolic rate:

1. Harris-Benedict formula:

Male: RMR = 88.362 (13.397x weight kg) (4.799x height cm) – (5.677x age)

Female: RMR = 447.593 (9.247x weight kg) (3.098x height cm) – (4.330x age)

2. Mifflin-StJeor formula:

Male: RMR = (10x weight kg) (6.25x height cm) – (5x age) 5

Female: RMR = (10x weight kg) (6.25x height cm) – (5x age) -161

3. Katch-McArdle formula:

RMR = 370 (21.6x lean weight kg)

where lean weight = weight-weight x body fat percentage

The above three formulas are only estimates, and the actual values may be biased.

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