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6 real and effective skin care tips?

There are many ways to protect the skin. First, keeping enough sleep is of great benefit to maintaining the skin. Second, drinking plenty of water is also of certain benefit to maintaining the skin. Third, prevent sunlight exposure. Fourth, you can use some skin care products. Fifth, you can do some massage on the skin at ordinary times. Sixth, keep the skin clean.

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An app for pregnant women to check cosmetic ingredients?

Beauty practice can be said to be the favorite of the ingredient party. You can check the ingredient list of various cosmetics. Want to know if facial cleanser contains soap base? Does lipstick eyeshadow contain heavy metals? Does skin care product contain alcohol? Just check it above to know.

You can take pictures to test your skin type, and help you check whether cosmetics and skin care products are suitable for you. You can also read everyone’s comments to really understand this skin care product or cosmetics. The ingredient list will mark whether it causes acne or has risky ingredients to help you distinguish.

If you want to check the cosmetics that can be used by pregnant women, you can directly search for pregnant women on the search bar. Click on it to view, and you can find that the searched products do not contain ingredients for pregnant women to use with caution.

Cosmetics Supervision “APP is officially released by the State Drug Administration. It provides an authoritative channel for cosmetic information inquiry with flexible query methods. It has functions such as cosmetic product information and popular science information inquiry. It is the most official and authoritative APP in this regard.

The page of this APP is relatively simple. It mainly includes several sections: searching for products, searching for information, searching groups, and searching for regulations. There is a popular science column at the top, which will recommend some articles on skin care and makeup popular science.

All registered cosmetics can be inquired on this APP to judge that a product is irregular. You can see if you can find its filing information. You can also check whether the product information is qualified in the search information section? What are the unqualified products recently? Avoid stepping on thunder!

You look so good today APP This software is actually similar to beauty practice. It can detect your skin type by taking pictures, provide analysis, etc. It will also recommend skin care products that suit you according to your skin type, and can regularly record your skin condition.

Which website can teach makeup for free?

Such as Douyin, Xiaohongshu, etc., there are many beauty bloggers. Such as Cheng Shian and so on.

There are also popular software in the past:

1. Beauty experience

Beauty experience is a practical mobile phone software for life. Beauty experience is a daily makeup, easy to do makeup, and you can look beautiful every day.

Talent shares makeup skills with you, quickly changing from a child to a master. In addition to graphic tutorials and video teaching, there are also Korean experts such as Pony and Ssin to share with you. Thousands of female users communicate product features, skin care experience, and beauty tutorials in real time. Convenient typesetting and posting function, anytime, anywhere, you can send it when you want.

2. Makeup Collection

Makeup teaching APP based on Android system. Makeup information is practical and comprehensive, and tens of thousands of makeup skills are waiting for your inquiry to solve any needs in your makeup. Six categories are readily available: makeup skills, makeup experts, hair design, fragrance world, skin care, makeup tools. Clothing matching Share beauty plans and matching secrets with you.

3. Makeup tutorial

Makeup tutorial is a healthy and bodybuilding mobile phone software developed by Wu Shouyan. There are iOS versions and it has been launched in the AppStore. All tutorials of makeup tutorials include various makeup tutorials such as smoky makeup, eye makeup, daily makeup, and dating makeup.

4. Meiya

Watch the video and learn makeup. Meiya is a healthy and bodybuilding mobile phone software developed by Mengma Technology, which has been launched in the AppStore.

5. Red Lips

The Little Red Lips APP was founded by Jiang Zhixi and was officially launched in April 2015. Little Red Lips covers four channels of beauty, body sculpting, fashion and life. Its content generation mechanism focuses on the UGC mode, and the presentation form is a short video of about one minute. Users can click to watch the real sharing and recommendation of experts. Of course, they can also directly change the role to become experts, and take a video to upload their own product experience.

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