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40-year-old woman mixed oily skin maintenance program?

40-year-old woman mixed oily skin maintenance program. This is a typical combination of skin, both liver skin and oily skin, so you must buy two sets of cosmetics, one is a refreshing series of oil control, and the other is moisturizing. Just use it alternately.

skin care routine for over 40

First of all, if there is a lot of oil on the face, it is especially obvious on the nose, forehead and chin. The two foreheads appear very dry.

First, lather your hands with a refreshing cleanser, rub it on oily skin, wash your face with a moisturizing cleanser, and wash off your cosmetics. The usage is also the same. Mix and use alternately, and slowly the skin will become less dry and less oily, so that’s fine.

How do women over 40 use cosmetics for maintenance?

(1) Skin care products: In the use of skin care products, be sure to start using nutritious cosmetics with strong results, such as essence, beauty solution, etc.;

(2) Eye cream: Different age groups require different types of eye cream, and when you are 20 years old, you can choose a bland lotion-type eye cream; when you are 30 years old, you can choose a cream-type eye cream, and when you are 40 years old, you must use a nutritious cream-based eye cream;

(3) Sun protection: After the age of 40, sun protection has become a top priority in skin care. After the age of 40, you may not be very sensitive to the sun’s response. After the age of 40, once you are overexposed to the sun, your skin can recover It’s almost gone, so sunscreen is very important for women after the age of 40.

The skin care of a 40-year-old woman should be anti-aging. Therefore, in daily skin care, a 40-year-old woman should do a good job of anti-aging skin.

Is it too late for 40-year-old skin care?

It is also possible to start skin care in middle age and not very late, but the skin condition or skin breathing condition is slightly weaker than that of people who start skin care in the early stage. In our age, there are so many choices of skin care products that many skin care products are not as difficult to buy as before, so in the previous era, eating and drinking enough was their greatest pursuit, so when their living conditions are good, they will also choose to buy some cosmetics to take good care of their skin.

How can a 40-year-old woman wear light makeup?

Maintenance: The first layer after cleansing is water – eye cream – essence lotion – lotion – sunscreen – isolation – foundation – makeup. Regardless of age, the layer closest to the face when applying makeup is water. As you get older, you should pay attention to eye maintenance. You must know that the skin on your face ages the fastest near the eyes, so it is recommended to start using eye cream after the age of 25, and neck cream, neck mask, etc. after the age of 30. After using cosmetics, even if you only apply sunscreen or isolation, you are also required to use makeup remover products. After removing makeup, use a facial cleanser to wash the residue on the face; after using makeup remover products, the pores will be a little larger than before. If time permits, it is best to apply a mask that replenishes water and shrinks pores. After cleansing, water-eye cream-lotion-night cream is OK. It is not recommended to use essence lotion makeup at night:

1. Using bright eyeshadow for middle-aged women will only highlight wrinkles more, and soft and neutral eyeshadow is much more natural.

2. Thick mascara will aggravate the old state. The correct way is to apply brown and black mascara only once.

3. You should not use a paste foundation. A foundation that is too thick and too heavy will only make the skin look older. It is better to use a water-based foundation.

4. Using too much rouge will only look more unnatural. It is best to use a paste blush under the foundation, revealing an almost natural ruddy color.

5. Using too much moisturizer hurts the skin more than not using it. Even if too much moisturizer accumulates on the surface of the skin for aging skin, it will also block the pores and become a breeding ground for bacteria. Creams containing a large number of active molecules can irritate the skin, causing allergic reactions or excessive oil secretion.

6. Comb your hair back to show your maturity and ability. Doing so will actually only expose wrinkles and show facial blemishes. A full, fluffy hairstyle will add mature charm. Hope it helps you!

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