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32-year-old woman with dry sensitive skin is suitable for which series after Korea?

I have used the Korean post-hydration series, and the effect is average. If you have sensitive skin, I recommend you to try the red pomegranate hydration kit of Green Paradise. The ingredients are mainly red pomegranate, plant extract, mild and non-irritating

korean dry skin care routine

How to use the Korean capsule black mask?

Tijating Black Pill Mask is a cleansing mask. Its packaging is very small. The black mask is packaged in small capsules in the shape of pills. You should clean your face before using this mask, and then apply it evenly on your face. It is very convenient and easy to use. Of course, there are still some points to pay attention to when using Tijating Black Pill Mask. 1. Cleansing


Although Tijating Black Pill Mask is a cleansing mask, you must clean your skin before use, especially the residues of cosmetics must be cleaned, so as to evaporate the best effect of this mask. 2. When applying the mask, first uncover the film on the mask and apply the mask evenly to the face. After the essence ingredients in the black film cloth come into contact with the air, fine and dense bubbles will be produced to help you deeply care for the pores of the skin. You can massage the face evenly with both hands, which will make the mask produce more bubbles and double the cleansing and nourishing effect! 3. Apply time Remove the mask after 10-20 minutes on the face and gently pat the skin until the remaining essence is fully absorbed. 4. Frequency of mask use


The Tijating black pill mask has an excellent cleaning effect and can remove oil and dirt from pores. If you are a severely oily person, you can use the Tijating black pill mask 1-2 times a week. If you have dry or normal skin, use it once a week or once every half a month.

4. Pay attention to sensitive skin


Compared with other masks, the Tijating black pill mask will be somewhat irritating. When using sensitive skin, you can do a sensitivity test first, and then use it. And the Tijating Black Pill Mask can clean pores of old waste keratin, excess sebum, and repair a variety of pore problems. Since the skin of sensitive skin and dry skin is more fragile, the application time should generally not exceed 15 minutes.

Which skin care should villadecos use first?

Villadecos is a Korean skin care brand, and its first-use skin care products may vary depending on different series and products. However, in general, Villadecos’ skin care products focus on natural mildness and moisturizing effects.

For skin care newbies, Villadecos recommends using their soothing and moisturizing series first, such as TheFaceShopVillage, Cosmetics, andmore. This series of products is suitable for normal to dry skin and can provide basic moisturizing and soothing effects.

In addition, Villadecos has launched several product lines for specific skin types, such as OxygenNanoizedWater, AcneSolutionSet, and more. If you have a specific skin type or need, you can refer to Villadecos’ product selection and order.

In addition, Villadecos’ skin care products will also launch new skin care products and promotions when they launch new styles and updates. Therefore, it is recommended that you always pay attention to their official website and social media platform in order to keep abreast of the latest product information and promotions.

In general, for Villadecos’ skin care product selection, it is recommended that you choose according to your skin type and needs, and pay attention to observe the effect of using the product.

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