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27 years old, how to take care of your skin, often stay up late, computer worker?

~ 27 years old, you will obviously feel that your skin metabolism is not as good as before. Before staying up late at night, dark circles under your eyes may be relieved in 1 or 2 days, but now it may take a week to recover! In addition, you will find that there may already be fine lines around your eyes. In fact, by the age of 25, your skin will begin to decline, collagen will slowly begin to lose, and your skin metabolism will also slow down. In addition, staying up late, facing electronic products, metabolism, etc., it is easy to have dark circles, bags under your eyes, etc.! For your age group, first of all, it is recommended that you use eye cream. Now you can choose some eye cream or eye essence with better metabolism. You can usually use eye masks. It is recommended to post 2-3 times a week, which can relieve eye fatigue, moisturize and relieve dry lines, etc. In addition, stay up late to ensure normal work and rest, and watch less electronic products. Eye makeup must be removed, but the method must be gentle when removing makeup. In addition, it is recommended to start using some anti-aging products in skin care. Don’t just hydrate and moisturize, but you must choose according to your skin condition, because everyone’s situation is different. I will not introduce more here! For improving yourself, it is recommended to study more when you have nothing to do. No matter which position you hold, try to do it well, because it is not difficult to do one thing, but it is really not easy to do one thing well! Okay, let’s say so much first, hurry up and rush, I hope to help you! I wish you happiness and beauty! If you have any questions, you can keep me private!

27-year-old skin care products only replenish water?

27-year-old skin care products only replenish water, but also need to be moisturized and sunscreen. Wax chrysanthemum is very good for moisturizing and moisturizing. Wax chrysanthemum is extracted from organic wax chrysanthemum essential oil grown in Corsica, France, to uncover the mystery of eternal youth of the skin. The taste is very fresh, and the moisture retention is very good. It I personally think toner is a must-use, not only to effectively remove makeup residue from the face, but also to improve absorption for subsequent skin care routines.

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