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2021 Navy Recruitment Medical Examination Standards?

Navy Physical Requirements

management and oversight of weight management programs navy

1. First Height and Weight Standards

(1) Height: Men over 160cm, women over 158cm.

(2) Weight: Men: not more than 30% of the standard weight, not less than 15% of the standard weight. Women: not more than 20% of the standard weight, not less than 25% of the standard weight.

2. Second Vision Standards

University students have a right eye naked eye vision of not less than 4.6, and a left eye naked eye vision of not less than 4.5. More than half a year after excimer surgery, both eyes visual acuity reached 4.8 or more, no complications, fundus examination was normal, qualified.

Refractive error, more than half a year after excimer laser surgery, no complications, visual acuity reached the corresponding standard, qualified.

3. Third craniocerebral trauma, craniocerebral malformation, history of craniocerebral surgery, post-traumatic brain syndrome, unqualified.

4. Fourth neck stiffness, obvious torticollis, simple goiter above ⅲ degree, tuberculous lymphadenitis, unqualified.

simple goiter, divers, submarine personnel unqualified.

5. Fifth bone, joint, bursa disease or injury and its sequelae, bone and joint deformity, habitual dislocation, chronic disease of spine, history of neck, thoracic and lumbar fractures, tendon sheath disease affecting limb function, unqualified.

The following conditions are eligible:

(1) Mild thoracic deformity (except for divers and submarine personnel).

(2) Simple fracture of limbs, 1 year after cure, good reduction, no dysfunction and sequelae.

(3) Kashin-Beck disease is only a slightly thicker finger (toe) joint, no conscious symptoms, no dysfunction, qualified for land crew.

6. The unequal length of the lower limbs of the sixth article exceeds 2cm, the distance between the inner condyles of the femur of the knee varus and the distance between the inner ankle of the tibia of the knee varus exceeds 7cm (more than 4cm for paratroopers), or although within the above specified range, but the gait is abnormal, and it is not qualified.

The elbow joint is not extended more than 15 degrees, and there is no dysfunction. The land crew is qualified.

7. The seventh finger is incomplete, the toe is incomplete or the finger (toe) is deformed that affects the function, the flat foot with the complete disappearance of the plantar arch, and the corns, calluses, and severe chapped disease that affect long-distance walking are not qualified.

8. Article 8 Malignant tumors, benign tumors, cysts, scars, and scarring constitutions in various parts that affect the face or function, are unqualified.

9. Article 9. If there are “dots, words, and patterns” on the exposed parts of the body wearing short clothes, and the diameter exceeds 2cm (the diameter of other parts exceeds 3cm) or there are still obvious tattooed scars after surgical treatment, which affect the military appearance, they are unqualified.

Tattoos that are purely ethnic customs and habits in ethnic minority areas, and wear short clothes that do not obviously affect the military appearance, are unqualified.

10. Article 10 Vasculitis, aneurysm, moderate and severe lower extremity varicocele and varicocele, are unqualified.

Varicose veins of the lower extremities, varicocele, airborne soldiers are unqualified.

11. Article 11 Have a history of thoracic and abdominal surgery, hernia, prolapse, anal fistula, severe old anal fissure, annular hemorrhoids, mixed hemorrhoids (diameter greater than 0.5cm or more than 2), unqualified.

More than half a year after appendicitis surgery, no sequelae after inguinal hernia and more than 1 year after femoral hernia surgery, qualified.

12. Article 12 Inflammation of the urogenital system, tuberculosis, stones and other diseases or injuries and their sequelae, genital organ malformation or hypoplasia affecting function, cryptorchidism, phimosis, unqualified.

The following conditions are eligible:

(1) Mild non-communicating seminal cord effusion without conscious symptoms (not greater than the healthy side of the testicle), testicular hydrocele (including the testis, not greater than 1 times the healthy side of the testicle, except for airborne soldiers).

(2) Communicating hydrocele, more than 1 year after surgery, no recurrence, no sequelae.

(3) No tenderness, no conscious symptoms of the spermatic cord, small tubercles of the epididymis (no more than 2, diameter less than 0.5cm).

(4) Mild acute foreskin, cystitis, prepuce is too long.

13. Article 13 Moderate and severe underarm odor, tinea capitis, generalized tinea corporis, scabies, chronic generalized eczema, chronic urticaria, generalized neurodermatitis, facial vitiligo, psoriasis, a history of close contact with infectious leprosy patients (living together) and other infectious or difficult-to-cure skin diseases, vascular moles and pigmented moles affecting the face, unqualified.

Multiple folliculitis, skin allergy to irritants or a history of contact dermatitis, frostbite on hands and feet in the past 3 years, divers and submarine personnel are unqualified.

The following conditions are eligible:

(1) Mild underarm odor (except for tank crews, divers, submarines and surface warships).

(2) Localized neurodermatitis (diameter not exceeding 3cm), isolated in vitiligo (wearing short clothes and not exposed parts, diameter not exceeding 1cm), tinea versicolor, tinea cruris, mild tinea of the hands (feet), ringworm of the fingers (toes), frostbite.

14. Article 14 Lymphosis, syphilis, hypochancre, venereal lymphoid granuloma, non-gonococcal urethritis, condyloma acuminatum, genital herpes, AIDS and its virus carriers are not eligible.

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