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2020 work plan for kindergarten health care?

With the arrival of autumn, the new semester has started. With the gradual cooling of the weather and the change of climate, the human body is also undergoing subtle changes. However, for children whose immune system is not mature enough, some bacteria and viruses will take advantage of the situation. In line with the policy of “prevention first”, according to the climate of this semester and the characteristics of children’s physical and mental development, the following semester plan is specially formulated:

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1. Check the physical examination of new children entering the kindergarten this semester. For new children entering the kindergarten, they must hold a physical examination card and a copy of the immunization certificate, and only enter the park after passing the physical examination; do a good job of vaccination and seed leakage registration, do a good job of the annual physical examination of children in the kindergarten, complete the annual physical examination of the whole park faculty and staff, and the annual physical examination of female faculty and staff

Second, do a good job of morning inspection, strictly follow the system of “one touch, two looks, three questions, four checks”; the weather is getting cooler, in order to prevent “SARS”, the morning inspection adds the temperature measurement of children entering the kindergarten; Do a good job of recording the medicine of children with medicine every day, and give medicine and feed medicine on time, and do a good job of children’s all-day observation records.

Third, do a good job of keeping warm in autumn and winter, help children take off and add clothes on time; Do a good job of preventing common diseases and multiple diseases in autumn and winter; Do a good job of disinfection and sterilization in autumn, killing mosquitoes, eliminating the source of infection of infectious diseases, cutting off the transmission route, and preventing the occurrence of infectious diseases in the park in autumn.

IV. Carry out children’s mental health education to improve children’s psychological quality; Carry out children’s safety education to improve children’s safety awareness; Arrange scientific and reasonable daily life and activity routines and implement them.

V. Do a good job in formulating weekly recipes with amount, and strictly supervise the implementation; Children’s diets are patterned, diversified, and thin. According to the season and climate characteristics, the recipes are scientifically and reasonably adjusted. Regular “partner committees” are held to solve problems existing in the meals in a timely manner; carry out children’s psychological education to promote the healthy growth of children’s body and mind.

VI. Conscientiously implement and implement the health inspection system of a small inspection every week and a large inspection every month, eliminate all health dead ends, and do a good job of daily ventilation in the classroom, so that children have a clean, clear and refreshing living environment; Regularly organize safety inspections, and report and solve problems in a timely manner to ensure the safety of children’s activities in the park.

VII. Conduct regular business training and learning for childcare staff, and implement the old-with-new work style. Continuously improve the professional knowledge of childcare staff, improve service quality, and make the whole park work together to do better.

VIII. Write the statistics of the end of the period, write the summary of the end of the health care work, and carefully do a good job of the annual report.

Attached: Monthly work priorities


1. Conscientiously do a good job in the hygiene and disinfection of the whole park, and welcome children into the kindergarten;

2. Formulate a new semester work plan;

3. Organize the physical examination of new students entering the kindergarten, the annual physical examination of old students and the annual physical examination of all faculty and staff;

4. Strengthen morning inspection, disinfection and prevention of infectious diseases;

5. Measure the height and weight of children in the whole park.


6. Observation of children’s life processing ability;

7. Organizing children’s health records;


8. Vision testing for children in large and medium classes;

9. Do a good job in statistics and correction of children’s diseases.

10. Conduct trace element determination on children in the park on a voluntary basis


11. Assist the health care center to check the function of children;

12. Measure the height and weight of children in the whole park to evaluate the growth and development of children;

13. Fill in various forms;

14. Organize childcare staff to observe and study.


15. Organize health care materials;

16. Clean and organize items;

17. End of school summary.

The above is the drafting of the master plan for this semester’s childcare work. I hope that this semester’s childcare work will be better based on the original!

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