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2016 Mr. Olympia Champion?

Who is the previous Mr. Olympia

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1st and 2nd Mr. Olympia Champion

Time: 1965 – 1966

Character: Larry Scott

Height: 5 ‘7 “170CM

Weight: 205lbs92KG

Overall evaluation: Handsome, the most handsome of all Mr. Olympia.

The arm is the biggest highlight of the whole body, and the biceps, triceps, and forearm muscles are quite outstanding.

Short height, short legs, not beautiful legs, buttocks, thighs, calves have a certain circumference but obviously rough practice.

It can be seen that the referee’s requirements for the championship 40 years ago stayed on the upper body and paid great attention to the arms.

3rd-5th Mr. Olympia Champion

Time: 1967-1969

Character: Sergio Oliva

Overall Evaluation: The Great Black Bodybuilder Sergio Oliva.

Sergio Oliva has won the title of Mr. Osai for three consecutive terms. The muscle lines are very full and beautiful, and the action viewing is also very high. His appearance has allowed people to see the powerful shaping ability and smooth line beauty of human muscles. Compared with the bodybuilding level of the previous era, the appearance of Oliva has made the overall bodybuilding level of the men’s world at that time a great step forward.

6th-11th, 16th Mr. Olympia Champion

Time: 1970-1975, 1980

Character: ArnoldSchwarzenegger Arnold Schwarzenegger

Height: 6 ‘2 “188CM

Weight: 251lbs or more 113KG or more

Overall evaluation: With a truly tall figure, he is the tallest of all Mr. Olympia. Arnold’s success in 1970 has a lot to do with his international standard height.

He has a good proportion of all parts of his body and gives a pleasing feeling to the eye.

Arnold’s physique combines all the advantages of the top stars of the time and becomes a classic.

In 1975, he retired with a 6-year unbeaten record and strived for a new goal.

12th and 17th Mr. Olympia Champions

Time: 1976, 1981

Character: FrancoColumbu Franco Columbus

Height: 5 ‘5 “165CM

Weight: 185lbs83KG

Overall evaluation: Arnold’s best friend.

He is very short, the shortest of all Mr. Olympia.

Although the limbs are thick and short, the experience of boxing and power lifting has made his muscles in various parts extremely strong, especially the upper chest.

Some people think he is a short version of Arnold.

In 1981, it was not easy for him to win the championship for the second time in the fierce competition.

This year marked the end of the Arnold era, and the top masters of Arnold’s generation gradually withdrew from the historical stage.

The 13th-15th Mr. Olympia Championship

Time: 1977-1979

Character: FrankZane

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