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13-year-old student party skin care steps?

1. Cleanse the skin.

good skin care routine for 13 year old

2. Emollient or toner: (depending on the nature of the skin) to replenish water to the skin or shrink pores.

3. Essence: It is the best in skin care products. The ingredients are exquisite and the effect is significant, and it has become an essential step in skin care.

4. Lotion or cream: The skin not only needs to replenish water, but also locks in water. Lotions and creams are good helpers to help the skin lock in water.

5. Sunscreen cream: To make the skin fair and supple, sunscreen is an essential step. Try not to use sunscreen powder instead of sunscreen cream; sunscreen cream is suitable for dry skin, sunscreen time is 6 hours, sunscreen isolation milk is suitable for oily and sensitive skin, sunscreen time is 2-4 hours).

How to use egg skin care for 13 years old?

Egg white is easy to dry when applying a mask to the face. Generally, an ordinary mask needs to be washed off in fifteen minutes, but if the egg mask is applied to the face for too long and too dry, it will make the skin very dry, so the egg mask should not be applied for too long. If you feel that your face is a little dry, you need to wash it off. If a thirteen-year-old girl uses egg white on her face, she needs to prepare it according to her own skin type. If it is oily skin, you can use egg white directly. For dry skin, you need to add honey, milk and other nourishing ingredients, otherwise it will make the skin more and more dry.

How should a 13-year-old girl take care of her skin after taking a shower?

The body skin of girls at this age is relatively delicate. There is no need to deliberately take care of the skin. You can use some body lotion to apply to the whole body and apply some body lotion to the face. Using too much will only increase pressure on the skin, which is not good for the skin.

13 How do girls clean their faces correctly?

1. Different skins have different ways to wash their faces. For oily skin, use warm water first when washing your face. The water temperature should not exceed 30 degrees. Overheating the water will accelerate the aging of the skin, and it should not be too cold. It also hurts the skin. Wash your face with warm water first. Wash it for a while to ensure that all the pores on your face open and the keratin softens. Especially on both sides of the nose and the T-shaped area.

2. Wash with water for about a minute, then use a facial cleanser. For oily skin, you can choose a refreshing or oil-controlling type. Rub the foam in your hands and rub it on your face. Gently massage the middle and index fingers of both hands. The face is mainly circled. Massage the T-shaped area and both sides of the nose back and forth with the index fingers of both hands. Then wash with water.

3. Put away the dirty water after washing, use some clean warm water, and then wash it again according to the method just now. You will feel that the facial skin has a feeling of ethereal breathing. Finally, pat your face with slightly cooler water than the previous two times, so that the open pores will shrink in, and the skin will temporarily reflect a smooth and tight feeling.

4. After washing, dry, then use skin care products, preferably moisturizing skin care products, and then gently apply it to your face, and then pat it lightly until the skin care products are completely absorbed by the skin, so that the face is clean and the skin is not uncomfortable. This face washing method is actually to wash the pores, which will wash off the oil in the pores, so you will feel refreshing. But the oil is constantly divided, so it is recommended to wash your face twice a day, which can not only ensure the oil needed for skin health, but also make your face look refreshing.

5. The steps of washing your face at night are basically the same as above, but it should be noted that after washing your face at night, you can use some moisturizing and hydrating cosmetics, but not irritating cosmetics. Human skin will repair itself at night. Cosmetics are chemicals after all, which have a great restrictive effect on the skin’s immunity. So it is not recommended to use cosmetics indiscriminately.

6. Wash your hair before washing your face. This is a technique for washing your face, because when washing your hair, there will be a lot of water to moisturize the skin, which can make the facial skin soft and hydrated, and the pores can also be fully opened. At this time, the cleaning will be cleaner.

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