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11-year-old skin care sequence steps?

First of all, skin care should be divided into two parts: morning and evening. In the morning, we first use facial cleanser to clean the face, then use toner, eye cream, then essence, lotion, face cream. The last step is sun protection. Sun protection is very important. Don’t forget it. That night, we must remove makeup first, and then use facial cleanser to clean the face. If you have a sister who needs cleaning, you can choose to use exfoliating products or cleansing masks, clean again, and then wash off the cleansing mask and use toner.

skin care routine 11 year old

Children’s skin care steps 11 years old?



Juice a fresh lemon, add double the water, add three tablespoons of flour to make a paste, then apply it to the face, remove it in about 15-20 minutes, or stick a slice of fresh lemon directly on the face for about 15-20 minutes, and wash the face.



11-year-old students can use it once a day for a course of treatment for seven days. This mask has an astringent effect, which can make the skin refreshing, lubricating and tender. Long-term persistence can delay skin aging and achieve the effect of pure natural whitening.



Take an appropriate amount of water (enough to soak the solid mask), add an appropriate amount of vinegar and salt to the water, add an appropriate amount of vinegar and salt can not use too much, the effect of the mask does not lie in the amount of one time, but in long-term persistence.



After adjusting, soak the solid mask for about half a minute, apply it to the face for 15-20 minutes and then remove it, once in the morning and once in the evening, the effect is very good, the effect is also very fast, the skin will turn white, and acne will gradually decrease.

The correct steps for 11-year-old students to take care of their skin?

In the morning, we should wash our face with a facial cleanser first, then use toner, eye cream, essence, lotion and face cream.

The last step is sun protection. Sun protection is very important, don’t forget it. Remove makeup first at night, and then wash our face with a facial cleanser. If we have sisters who need to be cleaned, we can choose to use exfoliating products or cleansing masks, clean again, then wash off the cleansing mask and use toner.

11-year-old primary school students’ skin care daily?

1. For primary school students, the skin is not suitable for using cosmetics, so for students, it is divided into 3 steps: cleansing, moisturizing, and sun protection.

Let’s talk about cleaning first, and then use a facial cleanser to wash your face, but pay attention to the water temperature and try to be cool, which has an effect on the elasticity of the skin.

2. Next is moisturizing. If you moisturize, you can use a toner. It is very easy to use. Remember to have a bottle of water in the morning and evening. If you can drink more, it is better.

3. Finally, sunscreen, this is simple. Just apply some sunscreen before going out!

4. Next, let’s talk about how to get rid of blackheads: Sooner or later, apply yogurt to the blackheads, stick to it, and it will slowly disappear.

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