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10 students participate in the physical examination, and the weight measurement results (unit: Kg) are such as: 47, 48, 37…

This question is actually very simple. The total weight of 10 students is 47 48 37. 5 42 45 40 38. 5 34. 5 38 42. 5 = 413 (kg) The average weight is divided by 10, which is 413/10 = 41. 3 (kg)

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How can the scale be measured normally?

When weighing, please place the scale on a hard and flat ground. 2. In order to ensure accuracy when using the electronic scale, it is best to test whether the power is sufficient before use. 3. In order to avoid affecting the accuracy of weighing, please do not place the scale on the carpet or soft ground, stand evenly on the scale surface, and keep the body balanced.

4. The feet must be balanced to ensure the accuracy of the value. 5. The most troublesome thing about the mechanical health scale is that the pointer will be biased. It needs to be adjusted frequently to ensure that the pointer is accurate. It is best to pay attention to the adjustment before use.

How does the scale measure the visceral fat percentage?

The scale measures the visceral fat percentage through the principle of bioelectrical impedance. Bioelectrical impedance method is a method of measuring human body composition through the different impedance of human tissue to current. The electrodes on the scale send a weak current through the human body, and the current will pass through the tissues inside the human body, including fat and muscle. Visceral fat rate refers to the amount of fat located around the waist and abdomen as a percentage of total body weight. Since visceral fat contains more water, the current will be subject to a smaller impedance when passing through visceral fat, so the visceral fat rate can be calculated by measuring the impedance of the current passing through. It is worth noting that the scale measurement of visceral fat rate is not very accurate and can only be used as a general reference. If a more accurate measurement is required, it is recommended to use medical equipment for testing.

Is the basal metabolic rate measured by the scale accurate?

Not very accurate. Because the scale can only measure the basal metabolic rate through changes in human body mass, but the mass of the human body is not only the weight of fat and muscle, but also includes bones, organs and other parts. In addition, the scale cannot distinguish the impact of different tissue masses and the mass of different organs in the human body on the metabolic rate. Therefore, the scale is not an accurate method to measure the basal metabolic rate, and other more scientific methods can be selected to measure it. There are other methods for measuring the basal metabolic rate, such as through respiratory metabolizers or bioelectrical impedance, which are more accurate than the scale. At the same time, people can also control their basal metabolic rate through daily diet and exercise, rather than just relying on the measurement results.

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